Packing a brown-bag lunch for your kids helps them stay full throughout the day. Trading zipp-lock bags for reusable snack packs helps cut your carbon footpring and makes your child very popular at the lunch table. 
Reusable cloth sandwich and dry scnack bags are one of items sold at the Mali Children's Boutique. 
Encourage your kids to eat seasonal foods by packing fresh fruits and vegetables instead of pre-packaged fruit cups. You can take your children's to local farmer's market so they will help picking out their snacks. Choose whole grain and lean protein bread instead of white bread. 

Pack a reusable water bottle like Sigg, so child can stay hydrated through out the day. 
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Well, my very dear friend gave me an idea for this article. She has a little boy who I guess is about to start walking. This morning I have received a text message from her with a serious question about kids shoes. Does it matter? Price, make etc...

It matters. For babies that are just starting to stand on their feet and learning to walk you should use flexible shoes. Stick with natural materials - leather or canvas - that breathe, letting air get to baby's perspiring feet. Avoid synthetics like vinyl, which don't breathe.  Today is very easy to find good quality pre-walker shoe. Just make sure that it fits the babies foot and that it doesn't slip. 

Once, baby becomes toddler and starts running, than invest in a good pair of shoes. I know it's hard to spend money on something that will be worn for couple of months but it will pay off once child grows without flat feet. 

Arch support is crucial for little feet development. So if you are thinking to stick your little ones feet into Crocks DON'T unless he is going to be around the water all day and than again think about it. Good waterproof sandals are much better. 

European's tend to pay attention to the arch support so they make nice and confortable shoes. Some brands are Naturino, Primigi, Ciciban, Eco etc.

Do your kid and your self a favor and invest in good shoes.

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